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Brought to you by ITConnexion With so many different types of internet connections on offer these days, it's hard to know which connection is right for your business. Each type offers different levels of performance and reliability and it can be hard to know which connection is best for your business. But with more and more business operations dependent on the internet, it is imperative that you understand which connection is right for you.
Wednesday, 17 September 2014 10:00

Tips to Secure Your Wireless Network

Having a wireless network makes it easy to connect to the Internet around your home or office. However, these networks can be vulnerable to hackers. Follow these basic security tips to protect your data.Having a wireless network in your home or office makes it easy to connect to the Internet from your desktop and mobile devices.However, did you know that any hacker within range of your wireless network can access it unless it's secured?
Public Wi-Fi networks are convenient, but come with underlying security risks. Find out what to watch out for the next time you try to access to Public Wi-Fi. Public Wi-Fi is almost everywhere nowadays. Coffee shops, libraries and even airports have installed hotspots to feed the growing demand for ubiquitous Wi-Fi.While convenient to use, there are hidden security risks you should know about.

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