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The itconnexion team has full accountability for all of our client’s management of critical IT infrastructure; including servers, storage, networking and server applications.

This team consists of highly trained and qualified engineers with accreditation in a broad range of the following technologies:

Microsoft Server

Microsoft Small Business Server (SBS) 2008 is the most cost effective server platform for small to medium businesses.
We have over 100 servers under our management. Use the expertise and vast experience of itconnexion to help you design, build and maintain your server.

Remote Access

We can help your staff to work from anywhere!

Implement a remote access solution, such as:

  • Mobile devices (such as iPhone, iPad) to access emails, calendar and contacts real time.
  • Secure VPN access to the office network.
  • For the best experience and reliability, we recommend implementing a Terminal Server technology.

Email and Exchange

  • Want more? Demand more!
  • Get more productivity out of your email system.
  • Use Microsoft Exchange, the most popular advance system for managing business emails with webmail, mobile synchronisation, shared calendar, and many management and time-saving features. You really need to call us if you are not using Exchange.

Terminal Server

Terminal Server can save your money in support costs related to upgrading your desktops for example. Terminal Server is most suitable for:

  • Not-for profit organisations.
  • Businesses with a remote work force or branch offices.
  • Mixed desktop environments (eg. Mac and Windows). 


Server Virtualisation is a technology that enables multiple servers to be hosted on a single hardware platform. There are many benefits (including disaster recovery) in consolidating servers via products such as VMWare and Windows Virtual Server. When discussing your company's server infrastructure requirements, we will evaluate whether server virtualisation is appropriate for you.

Infrastructure Audit

itconnexion can provide a full system audit including hardware, warranty, software, licenses and certificates. It is understood that we may have limited administrative access to the network. An Audit will assess the following items:

For physical equipment:

  • The location of equipment
  • Confirmation of serial number and warranty status
  • Identify role and current status (where possible) of equipment

For software, license and certificate components:

  • The installation location
  • Identify the number of licenses
  • Review renewal/contract period
  • Identify role and current status (where possible) of the software

The audit will be performed on site and a report will be compiled based on the audit review with feedback from your organisation. Then a de-briefing session will be provided to conclude the project.

Please contact us today if you need to discuss any of the above IT solutions for your organisation.

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