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Secure your Operations with a Managed Security Plan

Keep your critical business and customer data safe from the latest threats and viruses with our Managed Security Plans. Our comprehensive Managed Security Plans offer a range of protection such as: Anti-Virus; Anti-Spam; and Web Filtering. In today's current climate these products are a must.


Business Never Slows Down. Neither Do We.

Stop threats and keep moving. With AVG’s award winning security products, you’ll protect your business from the latest viruses and threats.


Keep Customer Information Safe From Hackers!

Maintain your integrity as a reliable organisation by ensuring all your customer data is kept private and all online transactions are conducted safely.


Keep Employees Safe Online.

Free your workplace to surf, search and download with confidence.


We Receive The Alerts And Action.

Sit back, relax and know that your business is monitored and protected 24x7.

 There are serious risks if you are not protected.

  • Your laptops, desktops and servers can be seriously compromised from software viruses and malicious software such as worms, trojans, adware and spamware.
  • Computers infested with a virus will generally experience a dramatic drop in performance, in some cases; the entire network may be grinded to a halt.
  • Some viruses may cause corruption of data or attempt to steal personal data such as passwords.

Common ways for a virus to spread include infested:

  • websites
  • emails
  • social media sites
  • downloads
  • streaming sites

Why we recommend AVG

  • Reputation - AVG have an excellent reputation and are a very well known vendor.
  • Affordability – AVG's products are very competitive and tailored to the SME environment.
  • Reliability - AVG have a high ranking in detecting and removing threats.
  • Performance - Low load on your system, meaning business performance is not impacted.
  • Service – The AVG product range allows itconnexion to manage threats remotely (significantly lowering costs).
  • Comprehensive Product Suite – AVG offers Anti Spam, Web Filtering and Anti Virus products that compliment each other to keep your business safe.

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