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Office 365 & Cost-effective Cloud Computing Solutions

Cloud computing such as Office 365, has the potential to revolutionize the way you purchase and leverage technology. There are thousands of companies all over the world that have successfully migrated to the cloud, resulting in significant cost savings, new and improved technology, and higher business efficiency.

Cloud Computing offers the following advantages?

  • Low Capital Cost
  • Increase Business Efficiency
  • Instantly Set up Enterprise-Class Services


Office 365 - why all the hype?

Office 365 virtually sells itself! This cloud based product removes the need for organisations to purchase and maintain their own MS Exchange email servers. In addition, you will naturally increase the uptime and performance by using Microsoft Office 365 exchange service, in lieu of an in-house Exchange server. This is good news for any staff working remotely as they will have a better quality email experience.  

It also eliminates the need to upgrade MS versions as they will be automatically updated to the latest version of the Microsoft Office Suite, FOR FREE!  



So is your business ready for the cloud? There are many factors to consider including the type of data and systems that you are using, the nature of your business and the skill of your workforce. You may want to discuss with one of our qualified computer consultants for advice about whether to take the plunge and, if the cloud is in your immediate future, suggestions about the best way to go about making the transition.

Download our FREE Cloud Computing Guide now, or call us today on 1300 89 22 00 to discover how your business can benefit from cloud computing.

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